PA Tax Credit

Participation in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and the Opportunity for Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs, administered by the state of Pennsylvania, provides a significant tax credit to eligible individuals and businesses to allocate a portion of their tax dollars to The Agnes Irwin School. 

The contributions from the generous donors and entities have helped provide scholarship assistance to 38 Agnes Irwin students this year and raised $1.6 Million in support of scholarships for highly-qualified and talented Agnes Irwin girls.

The Agnes Irwin School is grateful to our 2022-2023 supporters.
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672 Conestoga #1 LLC
Bradley & Michelle Aitken                                                           John and Anne James
Michael & Lori Aronsky                                                                  Matthew H. & Elizabeth G. Kamens
Joseph P. Bernert III & Barbara Bernert                                  Andrew E. & LeeAnn M. Kress
Jai & Aarti Bijlani                                                                                Gerald Lawrence, Jr.
R. Quin Bligh & Luisa Contreiras                                                 James & Lauren Lawson
Braithwaite Communications, Inc.                                             Jeremy Lisnoff & Silvia Shin Lisnoff
Hugh & Carolyn Braithwaite                                                       Sean P & Kimberly Rhoads McCarthy '88
Brilliant Smiles Dental Group                                                     David M. & Quincy Brown McCoy '92
Robert & Susan Burch                                                                       Jonathan I. & Susan Hirtle McEvoy '00
Chad & Alyssa Burkhardt                                                              Robert & Neely Burch Morandi ''09
Matthew N. & Lea Morrison Cohn '89                                          Will and Missy Mundy
Kimberly L. Coulson '89                                                                     Paul & Susan Oberreither
Kevin J. Cross & Allison Brucker                                                David & Vanessa Oliver
Robert & Susan Fahey                                                                        Robert & Kelly Pipich
Sam & Alexandra Glickman                                                          Thomas S. & Carolyn Robbins
Bernard Greene & Treerita Johnson-Greene                       N. Gee & Jeannette W. Smith
T.. Ryan & Carolyn Harkins                                                            Marc & Beth Spirn
Jonthan & Deborah Hirtle                                                             Carter D. & Ginny Sharp Williams '88
David & Alexis C. Hollander                                                         Karen P. Zimmer
672 Conestoga #2 LLC                                                        Gibbel Kraybill & Hess LLP       
John E. Coyne III & Lyn M. Coyne                                  
Jared & Brooke Zanev                                                                        GTPHL, LLC
                                                                  Philip & Meghan Jodz
672 Conestoga #3 LLC                                    
Nicholas & Michelle Karalis                                                       Harmelin & Associates, Inc.
Sarah G. Roth '94                                                                                   Jon & Joanne M. Harmelin
Brown Brothers Harriman                                        Katznelson Associates, Inc.
Caitlin Devlin Ferry '04                                                                     Steve & Laurie Katznelson
Ashley Stewardson MCGuinness '06
                                                                  Miller Brothers
Burch Materials & Supplies                                        Harry & Rachel Miller
Charles C. & Amanda Burch
                                                                  Montgomery Avenue II LLC
Business Leadership Organized                                Thomas E. & Kristen Luke Brooks '88
for Catholic Schools (BLOCS)
Alfredo & Eva Boratto                                                                      Montgomery DelVal Association, LP
Robert & Susan Burch                                                                        Jeffrey R. & Eunice Tornetta Pendergast '83
William & Caroline Harries                                                            Paul A. & Cheryl Tornetta
Tac & Melinda Justi
David & Connie Lees                                                                             Pennsylvania Education Partnership LLC
Maguire Enterprises II, L.P.                                                              Matthew N. & Lea Morrison Cohn '89
Kyle & Kate Mallach
Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company                       Pennsylvania EITC/OSTC Scholarship #2, LLC
H. Edward & Jody Seibert                                                                  Philip & Meghan Jodz
CEM Management Group LLC                                       RMN S&A Hartwell, LLC
Christopher & Ellen Maguire                                                         Michael & Lynda Donahue
Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund.          Strafford Real Estate Group LLC
Mark & Shanu Kurd                                                                              John S. & Sarah Buck Schmader '82
Children First America Delaware County         Truist-Delaware Valley/Lehigh Valley
Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia       United Refrigeration Inc.
Michael & Lynda Donahue                                                                   John H. and Gillian Walsh Reilly '90
Comcast Corporation                                                       WSFS Bank
Cordray Corporation
Peter H. & Kelly R. Cordray
Dakota Funds LLC
William G. & Susan T. Costin
Day & Zimmermann, Inc.
Harold L. Yoh III & Sharon C. Yoh
Michael H. & Gayle Yoh
William C. & Kelly Yoh
Friends of Education LLC
Matthew N. & Lea Morrison Cohn '89
Fulton Bank
Garnet Rx Inc.
James & Sophia Karalis
Nicholas & Michelle Karalis
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672 Conestoga Road, Villanova
Moderator: Aarti Bijlani P'28 '30
Luisa Contreiras P'29
Nick Karalis P’27
Jerry Lawrence P’16 ‘18 ‘21
Emily McAlpin Rauch, Director of Annual Giving

Your Impact

In recent years, Agnes Irwin girls benefited from nearly $1.4M in tax credit dollars — that is less than half of the total need that could be met through the programs.

Ways to participate



Renewing businesses and those in the middle of a two-year commitment must apply with the state by May 15; new business applicants must apply by July 1. Click the appropriate button below for complete information regarding business eligibility and the application process.


The Agnes Irwin School is expanding opportunities for individuals to support the school through the PA Tax Credit programs during the 2024-2025 school year. Individuals may participate through a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) established on behalf of The Agnes Irwin School. It is easy to do so and requires only one piece of paperwork facilitated through the Advancement Team. If you are interested in participating in the EITC program by becoming a member of our SPE, please contact Emily Rauch to get started.

Contact Information

To learn more about the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program, CLICK HERE to be directed to the Department of Community and Economic Development's EITC website.

To learn more about the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) Program, CLICK HERE to be directed to the Department of Community and Economic Development's OSTC website.

For more information on corporate participation, please contact Director of Annual Giving Emily Rauch at 610-801-1260 or


Contact Us

Emily Rauch