The Wigs Frank Fund

After thirty-six years of service to the Agnes Irwin School, Mr. Edward “Wigs” D. Frank II retired from the faculty, but his legacy of excellence in teaching continues. Wigs Frank embodied what it means to dedicate oneself to their role as a teacher. In addition to chairing the history department, he was a dedicated basketball coach, a thoughtful college counselor, a compassionate senior class dean, an unwavering fan in the audience, and an impromptu debate moderator. His commitment to students both inside and outside of the classroom is his legacy - and one that The Agnes Irwin School is proud to recognize in its newest endowed fund,  The Edward “Wigs” D. Frank II Fund for Teaching Excellence. 

The faculty at Agnes Irwin are of paramount importance to the success of the school’s outstanding programming. Their commitment to exceptional teaching drives our entire community to provide an innovative, engaging and  well-balanced educational experience for all students. This new endowed fund will allow Agnes Irwin to recognize and reward annually a faculty member with a $10,000 award for their dedication to the complete student experience and community building. Agnes Irwin’s commitment to empowering each girl to learn, to lead and to live a legacy is achieved through our excellence in teaching, and we are proud to recognize excellence in our faculty through this new fund.

The Edward “Wigs” D. Frank II Fund for Teaching Excellence

Established in honor of Wigs Frank upon his retirement in 2021, after 36 years of teaching, including leadership as Senior Class Advisor/Dean for 32 years and Chair of the History Department for 24 years. The goal of the fund is to recognize a long-time faculty member, with a minimum of 10 years of teaching service, who has made a transformative impact on The Agnes Irwin School student body, both inside and outside of the classroom, as Wigs did. The recipient’s dedication to the mission of The Agnes Irwin School and its core values will be evident in their teaching, community building, investment in the student body, and drive for excellence. The faculty member will receive the awarded funds of $10,000 over two consecutive years. The funds can be used by the awarded faculty member however the recipient so chooses.