Our Traditions

Ask any current student or alumna about their time at Agnes Irwin, and they will undoubtedly share one or more of the traditions that thread our community together — from 1869 through today. 


AIS pride is on display during AIS/EA Day, a four-sport competition against Episcopal Academy every fall. Pep rallies, team dances, and carbo-loaded pre-game dinners lead up to this annual event where students, faculty, and alumnae don blue and gold in support of the Owls. 

Holiday Fun

Just before winter break, the entire school comes together for the Holiday Assembly, a raucous gathering of singing, silliness, and excitement for the multitude of holiday traditions celebrated by our community — ending with drums, noisemakers, and a balloon drop by our seniors.

May-dieval Day

Peasants, jesters, knights, queens, friars, and farmers come together in our “castle” to celebrate May-dieval Day. A highlight of sixth grade — students, parents, and faculty are transported back to medieval times through costumes, scenery, dance, music, and a feast fit for the times! 

Senior Assembly

A rite of passage: Each senior prepares and presents a 10-minute speech on the topic of her choice — sharing her passion and knowledge with the entire Upper School.

May Fair

For 80 years, Agnes Irwin lower school girls have danced around the maypole and sipped on lemon sticks in our annual celebration. Our lawn is transformed into an old-fashioned carnival, full of food, games, and fun for our community.

Moving Up Day

At year's end, upper schoolers announce new leadership for the next year’s clubs, and literally climb over the seats in the West-Wike Theatre to assume their new position in the auditorium as they advance grades. The seniors “exit stage left” and everyone heads outside to watch the Senior Drive Around.

Sophomore Day

Make a wish! On this day, sophomores receive their class rings, emblazoned with the laurel and lamp of our school seal. After making wishes and turning the rings, the class enjoys a day of fun, games, food, and camaraderie.

Listen to our Alma Mater!



Words by A. Marjory Taylor Hardwick, Class of 1915. 
Sung by the 2017-2018 Bel Cantos.

Sing we our song to thee,
Praise, honor, victory
Forevermore be thine, Alma Mater!
Fast roll the years by, soon must we part—
But shall thy mem’ry Rest in ev’ry heart.

Hail then, Alma Mater,
Our help, our guide, our friend!
The love we bear for thee
Is love that hath no end.

Give we our pledge to thee,
Faith, love, and loyalty
Forevermore be thine, Alma Mater!
May we whatever life shall give,
Keeping thy standards, worthy of thee live.

Hail then, Alma Mater,
Our help, our guide, our friend!
The love we bear for thee
Is love that hath no end.

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