Welcome to AIS
Here, she's free.

To discover her voice. Her intellect. And her ability to understand others. Her courage and tenacity are always on display in the classroom, on the playing field, and out in the community.

She has the power.

To learn. To create. To discover and master unfamiliar terrain. She wants to tackle complex real-world problems, find solutions, and grow into a courageous leader who will shape her generation.

She's up for the challenge.

To try new things. To take a risk. To take a leap — and take the lead. She’s developing the confidence to forge her own path, set her heights high, and exceed even her own expectations.

She can. She will.

Thrive. Take risks. Fall and get back up again. But stronger and smarter. For nearly 150 years, we've helped our girls understand their power. Then unleash it.